1. introduction

 info: IP Indoor Monitor (VTH)
model: DHI - VTH1550CH
  mac: 38:af:29:12:54:99
 info: IP Villa Outdoor Station (VTO)
model: DHI - VTO2000A
  mac: 38:af:29:12:50:7f

2. accounts

admin:admin admin:123456 (master account of local and network accessing)
888888:888888 (local administrator)
666666:666666 (restricted user)
default:default (hidden user)
root:vizxv (account when connecting via telnet)
root:7ujMko0admin (hey, this is working !)

3. factory reset

3.1. indoor station (VTH)

Note default ip address:

3.2. outdoor station (VTO)

press the button 5 times, you will hear the siren and a short beep



Note default ipaddress: