1. introduction

The main purpose of LUI is to install a minimal footprint of the Rocky Linux version 9 distribution on either a physical or virtual machine.

A minimal count of 229 RPM packages result in only 967MB used disk space.

Once the base operating has been installed, a script called cid-init should be executed.

This procedure will prompt for the parameters and configure the node and install extra packages to make it more manageable.

Some highlights of the solution:

  • 3 partitions will be created: an EFI, a boot partition and a LVM one.

  • the LVM partition contains a root, a swap and a data filesystem.

  • direct root logon is not permitted anymore, logon either by a userid and/or with a valid SSH id_rsa file.

  • sudo can be used for regular users, member of the sudogroup.

  • SELINUX, IPv6, firewall will be disabled.

  • a simplified model for cron will be installed.

  • a local user rds will be created, in case of emergency.

  • the big magic, REXX, will be avalaible.

After installing the additional tools, we still have a minimal count of 353 RPM packages result in only 1.2GB used disk space.

Warning installing Linux by using this method will unconditionally (re)partition your first harddisk.

2. download the (latest) iso

3. step 1: boot the iso and install


4. step 2: configure the node

on the console, login with following credentials:

Tip if accessing the node over the network by using ssh, use rds:rds! and do su -


5. step 3: reboot


6. step 4: login

From now on, you can not login anymore as root, unless you have a correct id_rsa file in your .ssh/ folder, otherwise, login as rds