1. wifi

wget -N -nv https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/raw/master/boot/bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb -P /boot/
wget -N -nv https://github.com/RPi-Distro/firmware-nonfree/raw/master/brcm80211/brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin -P /usr/lib/firmware/brcm/
wget -N -nv https://github.com/RPi-Distro/firmware-nonfree/raw/master/brcm80211/brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt -P /usr/lib/firmware/brcm/
modprobe brcmfmac
source /bin/cid-functions
cid_delline /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf "blacklist brcmfmac"

2. accesspoint

nmcli connection add type "wifi" ifname "wlan0" con-name "acp0" ssid "0000"
nmcli connection modify "acp0" 802-11-wireless.band "bg"
nmcli connection modify "acp0" 802-11-wireless.channel "2"
nmcli connection modify "acp0" 802-11-wireless.mode "ap"
nmcli connection modify "acp0" autoconnect "yes"
nmcli connection modify "acp0" ipv4.addresses ""
nmcli connection modify "acp0" ipv4.method "shared"
nmcli connection up "acp0"

3. real time clock

yum -y install i2c-tools
source /bin/cid-functions
cid_add_line /boot/config.txt "dtoverlay=i2c-rtc,pcf8523"
echo "#" > /etc/modules-load.d/rtc.conf
echo "i2c-bcm2708" >> /etc/modules-load.d/rtc.conf
echo "i2c-dev" >> /etc/modules-load.d/rtc.conf
echo "rtc-pcf8523" >>/etc/modules-load.d/rtc.conf
cid_delline /etc/rc.local "/usr/sbin/ntpdate"
cid_delline /etc/rc.local "/bin/cid-ipllog"
cid_add_line /etc/rc.local "/usr/sbin/hwclock -s"
cid_add_line /etc/rc.local "/bin/cid-ipllog"

4. camera

yum install v4l-utils xawtv
source /bin/cid-functions
cid_add_line /boot/config.txt "start_x=1"
cid_add_line /boot/config.txt "gpu_mem=128"
echo "#" > /etc/modules-load.d/camera.conf
echo "bcm2835-v4l2" >> /etc/modules-load.d/camera.conf

5. http

yum -y install httpd php
cube ${cfgfile} ";date.timezone ="                  with "date.timezone = \"Europe/Berlin\""
cube ${cfgfile} ";date.default_latitude = 31.7667"  with "date.default_latitude = 52.5194"
cube ${cfgfile} ";date.default_longitude = 35.2333" with "date.default_longitude = 13.4067"
systemctl enable httpd
systemctl start httpd

6. the big magic