1. intro


2. preparation

Warning umount if needed the microSD !

Create a bootable microSD Card with a minimum CentOS 7 for the ARM distribution.

This can to be done on a Linux workstation:

curl -# http://mirror.nl.datapacket.com/centos-altarch/7.9.2009/isos/armhfp/${imgname} -o centos7.img.xz
time xzcat centos7.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdb bs=4M status=progress iflag=fullblock oflag=direct; sync
788529152 bytes (789 MB, 752 MiB) copied, 92 s, 8,6 MB/s
real    5m28,444s
user    0m48,483s
sys     0m9,027s
Tip cat /proc/partitions to determine the target devicename, /dev/sdb in our case, but in can also be /dev/mmcblk0

3. installation

Insert the microSD card into the Micro SD slot on the Raspberry board and boot it up.

SSH to the by default DHCP ipaddress with root:centos

Tip type ifconfig to determine the ipaddress.

3.1. resize the disk


3.2. update

yum -y update
real    2m17.302s
user    1m19.433s
sys     0m22.787s

3.3. config

time curl -s -u cidusr:Passw0rd http://d01cid.ddns.net/sharel/bin/cid-init | sh -s "init"


real    2m14.844s
user    1m1.130s
sys     0m20.601s
Note reboot to make the changes permanent.

4. references

5. xtra

time curl -s http://d01cid.ddns.net/sharel/bin/inst-httpd | sh
real    1m45.008s
user    0m53.492s
sys     0m29.802s