1. problem

I have a brand new HP Color Laser MFP 178nw, when connecting on my network to the printer webpage leading to Embedded Web Server, I do not succed to connect to the account. I tried everything : ID = admin with no password, ID = admin and password = admin, ID = admin and password = my wifi password etc.

Nothing is working. I have no access to the Security tab. I’ve never set my own password.

I also did a network reset on the printer, no change.


2. solution

  • make sure the printer is connected to a network

  • on the control panel, print a report of your network configuration


  • look at the bottom of the page


  • the magic is the SSID written as Current SSID, the password written as Network Key and the buildin IP address

  • now, connect with a machine with a wifi adapter such as a laptop, tablet or workstation to the SSID and type in the mentioned password

  • login to the Embedded Web Server with admin and the password written as PIN Number

  • apply the latest firmware from https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software13/printers/MFP170/ColorLaserMFP178_179_V3.82.01.08.zip

  • change at least the admin password


  • logout and try to login through your default network

  • good luck