1. airco fujitsu


export passwd="*****"
mkdir -p config/custom_components
wget -nv https://github.com/Flybin5012/pyfujitsu_for_homeassistant/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
unzip -q master.zip
mv pyfujitsu_for_homeassistant-master/custom_components/fujitsu_general_heatpump config/custom_components/
rm -fr master.zip pyfujitsu_for_homeassistant-master/
ha core restart
grep climate config/configuration.yaml || echo "climate: !include climate.yaml" >> config/configuration.yaml
echo "#" > config/climate.yaml
echo "  - platform: fujitsu_general_heatpump" >> config/climate.yaml
echo "    username: alain.rykaert@warpit.be" >> config/climate.yaml
echo "    password: ${passwd}" >> config/climate.yaml
echo "    tokenpath: /config/token.txt" >> config/climate.yaml
echo "    region: eu" >> config/climate.yaml
ha core check &&  ha core restart

2. mercedes








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./pic/snap11.png ./pic/snap57.png ./pic/snap58.png





3. zigbee

4. garage opener

5. cameras


5.1. dahua


5.2. foscam

Tip check with nmap if port 554 is open, otherwise enable onvif on the camera


Tip in some cases, use: rtsp://camusr:Passw0rd@

6. references