1. prereqs

source /etc/cid.conf
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/bin/inst-httpd | sh
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/bin/inst-mariadb-server | sh
rpm -q --quiet dos2unix || yum -y install dos2unix

2. installation

source /etc/cid.conf
rm -fr /opt/hesk/; mkdir -p /opt/hesk
curl -# http://${rdsserver}/sharel/img/hesk/hesk312.zip -o /tmp/hesk.zip
curl -# http://${rdsserver}/sharel/img/hesk/nl.zip -o /tmp/nl.zip
unzip -oq /tmp/hesk.zip -d /opt/hesk/
unzip -oq /tmp/nl.zip -d /opt/hesk/language/
rm -f /tmp/hesk.zip /tmp/nl.zip
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/etc/httpd/conf.d/hesk.conf -o /etc/httpd/conf.d/hesk.conf
cube /etc/httpd/conf.d/hesk.conf "%dnsdomainname%" with "$(dnsdomainname)"
chown apache:apache -R /opt/hesk/
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/etc/php.d/99-hesk.ini -o /etc/php.d/99-hesk.ini
systemctl restart httpd.service

3. customization

mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" -e "drop database if exists hesk;"
mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" -e "create database if not exists hesk;"
mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" -e "grant all privileges on hesk.* to 'dbmusr'@'%' identified by 'Passw0rd';"
mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" -e "grant all privileges on hesk.* to 'dbmusr'@'localhost' identified by 'Passw0rd';"
mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" -e "flush privileges;"
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/img/hesk/hesk.sql -o /tmp/hesk.sql
curl -s http://${rdsserver}/sharel/img/hesk/hesk_settings.inc.phpx -o /opt/hesk/hesk_settings.inc.php
mysql -u"root" -p"Passw0rd" hesk < /tmp/hesk.sql
rm -fr /opt/hesk/install/ /tmp/hesk.sql

4. upm

userid: admin
passwd: Passw0rd

5. hacking

m /opt/hesk/admin/new_ticket.php
 hesk_show_info($hesklang['nti3'], ' ', true);
 id="create_notify1" -> unchecked
 id="create_show1" -> unchecked

6. references