1. intro


2. factory reset

press and hold the OFF/ON button till a blue led starts blinking

3. install

install the Smart Life - Smart Living app from the Play Store

4. initial setup

  • poweron the device

  • wait till all leds are off

on the smartphone

  • lauch the Smart Life application, Log In or Sign Up

  • Add Device

  • scroll down till Garage Door Opener


  • select a 2.4GHz wifi SSID and password (which will be remembered for later)

  • just press next, ignore the reset procedure

  • press next

  • press and hold the OFF/NO button till the blue led blinks rapidly

  • press next

  • press next

  • press and hold the OFF/NO button again till the blue led blinks slowly

  • Confirm the indicator is blinking slowly

  • press next

  • press Go to Connect

  • connect to the buildin SSID of the smart opener, sample SmartLife-6C93

  • once connected, go back to the Smart Life application

  • if succeeded:


5. matrix of a sample door opener

VirtualID: 660836132462ab3a6c93
      mac: 24:62:ab:3a:6c:93

6. share the device with another user